April 29, 2012

Our pretty trees are blooming.  Hummingbirds were visiting them today.
 Our cherry tree is producing cherries.  Yay!
 The strawberry plants are blooming.  I wonder if we will get a lot of strawberries this year.
 Our purple lilac is blooming up front...
 ...and the white lilac is blooming out back.  They smell so amazing.


  1. Hello, Fellow Challenger, from #398 - aka Rockin'Chair Reflections! I'm jealous, My cherry tree won't produce until next year... But, my other fruit trees are coming, so I can't really complain. Love your blog. Will visit again in the next six months. It's a looooooooong list to get through, this year. Come visit when you can.

    1. It is a long list this year. I've been trying to get through all the blogs, but it is taking some time. Good luck with making it through them all :)