Day 206: Our Garden

Day 205: Yael and Evan's Wedding

Our friends, Yael and Evan, got married.

Evan walking down the aisle.

Yael walking down the aisle.

Evan has a really infectious laugh.

Their dog, Hilda, was the ring bearer.

Yael had a really neat bouquet.

Yael made a felted Yael-and-Evan-caketopper and a felted bouquet.

After the reception, we camped overnight. It was so much fun!!

Day 204

A fortune-telling cup
The cup of knowledge.

Day 203

Day 202

Margaritas at Ixtapa.

The first ripe tomatoes of the season.

Then we found this little guy in our yard, a praying mantis.

Day 201: We are sooooo addicted!!

Day 200

We are completely addicted to this game.

Day 199

Losing tickets :(

Day 198

Halo 3 and Fable 2 in one neat little package.

Self-portrait with necklace.

Day 197

Day 196

Xbox 360. Fun! and we got a great deal.
Thank you Craigslist :)


Day 195

A traveling Vietnam memorial is at a nearby park

Hot air balloon

I just love using Twizzlers as straws :)

Day 194

The cat, awake and glowing, on her favorite chair

Itty bitty cucumber in our garden

Day 193

The cat asleep on her favorite chair

Cool necklace my mommy bought me when she was visiting

Day 192

Close-up of a Rob painting

Very annoying book that I am reading, with my new awesome book thong


Day 191

Same piece of cat food one day later.

Dancing in the living room.


Day 190

Ants on cat food.

Super mellow outdoor cat.

Super jealous indoor cat :)

Day 189

Our lucifer bulbs are blooming.

Lisa crocheted a bag.