Day 138

Our awesome lupines.

Port a Potty in a field.


Day 137


Day 136

It was so nice outside that we set our dartboard up outside.

Iris bloom

Radish flowers

Day 135

Bought a second controller for the PS3. Now I can beat Lisa in Mortal Kombat.

Weird book I am reading.


Day 134

Day 133

Day 132

I tried to grow a happy face, but it just got bumpy and weird looking.

Day 131

Day 130

Day 129

Outdoor kitty.

The slugs destroyed this iris flower spike before it even bloomed. We saved it.

Day 128

The crystal in our window makes rainbows on our walls in the morning.

The view from Rob's school.

Day 127

I read a Nancy Drew book. Just as good as I remember :)

Day 126

Day 125

Day 124

The house we really want to buy.

Day 123: Rockhounding

We found an elk antler and lots of petrified wood, including this big piece.

We had to dig this big piece of jasper out of the ground. It was almost completely buried.