January 28

We got to see the movie "Waiting for Superman" during the workday. Rob's school paid for the tickets. Thank you Sand Ridge. It was a very interesting movie.

My new "Prada" purse

January 27

Partying with Fergie!

The cat was hiding from me because I accidentally stepped on her toe.

January 26

This ten dollar bill should have been a super cool golfer leg table, but the person on Craigslist never wrote back :(

Weird book Lisa is reading.

January 25: Ixtapa

We went to Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant in Lebanon on our way home from work. We used to go here a lot, and our usual waiter always remembers our order, weird as it is. They recently renovated, and the place looks awesome, although some spots are still a little unfinished, with lots of tilework and bright colors.

Rob tried the Spanish coffee for the first time. It was tasty and pretty.
Then Rob noticed that we were sitting next to two sombreros. Curosity got the better of him, and he just had to check to see if they were nailed down. Lo and behold, they were not, so of coure we had to have a picture. Our waiter was more than happy to take it for us.


January 23: The Bathroom Gets Painted



January 22

Getting ready to paint our bathroom. Will post before and after pics when it is done :)

So, about a week ago, I was washing the carafe of our blender when it slipped from my hand and smashed in the sink. We use our blender a lot, so we immediately started looking for the replacement part. The store where we originally bought the blender does not carry the part. We found it online for $10 plus shipping. Then Rob had the awesome idea of looking at Goodwill. We found a full blender for $9.99, and the carafe fits our blender perectly. So now we have two working Oster blenders. :)


January 21: Two of Lisa's Favorite Things

A short while ago, I discovered these vitamins, and I love them. I usually have a hard time with vitamins. I hate the flavor or they don't sit well in my stomach, but these vitamins are awesome. When the bottle ran out, I couldn't remember where I had bought them. Rob was sure that I had found them at Market of Choice. Not only is Market of Choice my favorite grocery store, but they just opened one close by, so I jumped at the chance to go there (I'm a little crazy about this grocery store. Let's just say, if I could marry a store, this would be it.). I searched the multivitamin shelves and could not find the vitamins. Over the next few weeks, I serached every store I could think of and never found the vitamins. I was beginning to think they had been discontinued. Rob kept saying, "You bought them at Market of Choice. You must not have looked in the right place, etc. etc." I, being the know-it-all that I am, insisted that Market of Coice does not sell these vitamins; I looked in the right place; blah, blah, blah. Well, tonight we went to Market of Choice. Sigh. It's such a beautiful grocery store. We looked at the multivitamins, and mine were not there, but Rob did not give up. He kept looking at different vitamin shelves, and there, alongside the other energy vitamins, sat my favorite supplement. I grabbed a bottle, paid for it, and tried to laugh through all the "I told you so"s on the ride home.
Another great thing Rob did this week is buy me more Barry's tea. I had planned to stock up when I was in Ireland over Christmas, but that trip didn't exactly work out. I ran out of tea this week, and Rob had already ordered me more. Three boxes arrived today, and I immediately made a nice, hot cup of Barry's. Yum!

January 20

Our first casuality of the Kinect. When your whole body is the controller, and you have to flap your arms, while simultaneously moving from side to side, we need to keep all glasses far out of reach :) By the way, the Kinect takes pictures of you while you are playing the games. I'm going to have to figure out how to post them here, because that is really a laugh riot.

I don't think this next shot needs any words.

January 19: Kinect!!!

Since I first heard about the Kinect, I have wanted to buy it for Rob. He said he didn't want it for Christmas, so I got him something else and planned to buy it as a birthday surprise. Usually I spill the beans on my surprise gifts, but this time I was really keeping the secret well. Then I get an email at work, from Rob, saying that I should check our home email account. I go to AOL and enter my username and password, all the while wondering what Rob has found this time on Craigslist. Well, he didn't find something on Craigslist this time; he had ordered a Kinect on Amazon. Another birthday surprise ruined :( Oh well, the Kinect is really fun, and I am sure I will come up with another equally amazing birthday gift by February 1.

Here is the game that came with the Kinect. It is actually a lot of fun!


January 16

Rob bought another ring for his art project.
Bling Bling!

Super interesting (little bit scary) book that I am currently reading.


January 15

Half carat diamond engagement ring
Bought for $240 on Craigslist
Valued at $1,000
Home Run!
Rob is planning to use it as part of an art project.

Time for a hot rum to make me feel better :)


January 14

Here's the story: Our friend Heather dislikes sharpening pencils as part of her job. Rob went into the classroom where she works and threw a pencil at the ceiling, where it stuck. The teacher encouraged him to throw all the pencils into the ceiling, so he did. They laughed histerically while doing this. When Heather returned to her desk, the teacher told her they needed more pencils sharpened. Heather said ok, then looked up at the ceiling and found all her previously sharpened pencils. Here's the picture.

Lisa is still sick. Tea and a box of Kleenex = happiness.

January 13

Our dryer is broken. It is not heating up, so the repair man came today to check it out. We thought it was the heat element, but it turns out it is actually the motor. The motor has a switch that prevents the dryer from heating up unless the motor is running, as a safety measure. Our switch is not working, so the whole motor has to be replaced. The repair man said it is not a very common problem. Luckily, it's not going to be too outrageously expensive :)

Lisa is experiencing technical difficulties with her awesome picture of her sick day, so I'll just describe the picture for now. Hopefully you will be able to see it soon. It's a cellphone picture, so the quality is not great. Lisa is in bed resting, and the cat is sitting on Lisa's shoulder with her butt in Lisa's face. What a way to wake up :) Finally got it to work :)