January 13

Our dryer is broken. It is not heating up, so the repair man came today to check it out. We thought it was the heat element, but it turns out it is actually the motor. The motor has a switch that prevents the dryer from heating up unless the motor is running, as a safety measure. Our switch is not working, so the whole motor has to be replaced. The repair man said it is not a very common problem. Luckily, it's not going to be too outrageously expensive :)

Lisa is experiencing technical difficulties with her awesome picture of her sick day, so I'll just describe the picture for now. Hopefully you will be able to see it soon. It's a cellphone picture, so the quality is not great. Lisa is in bed resting, and the cat is sitting on Lisa's shoulder with her butt in Lisa's face. What a way to wake up :) Finally got it to work :)

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