Day 82: Rune of the Day = Strength

A force to be reckoned with on the paintball field.

Day 81: Rune of the Day = Standstill

Even Kia comes to a standstill for food.

Day 80: Rune of the Day = Wholeness

Whole wheat bread

Whole apple

Day 79: Rune of the Day = Flow

So, we both had the same idea for this one. You judge who's is better.

Day 78: Rune of the Day = Breakthrough

Rob's first painting.

Awesome technological breakthrough.

Day 77: Rune of the Day = Defense

When we first moved here, we had a lot of people stopping by to try to get us to join their church, until we put Buddha outside our front door. Now they don't stop by anymore.
That's right, we have a sword above our door. Don't mess with us.

Day 76: Rune of the Day = Separation

When I was a kid, I always separated all the veggies on my plate before eating them. I hated them all mixed together. Now I eat them altogether.
Do not attempt to separate the kitty from her new favorite place to sit, the grocery bag.

Day 75: Rune fo the Day = Blank Rune

The blank rune stands for new beginnings.

A blank window frame waiting for a new Rob painting.

We repotted our lucky bamboo.

Day 74: Rune of the Day = Constraint

Day 73: Rune of the Day = Journey