April 28, 2013: Easy Summer Drink

Champagne Floats.  Yummy!

April 27, 2013: X is for Xanadu

Xanadu:  a place of great beauty, luxury and contentment (dictionary.com)
Today we biked to 2Towns Ciderhouse (we love that place) and left with two full growlers.
In other news, Rob emptied out the pond and removed it.  We are moving it to a sunnier spot this year.

April 26, 2013: W is for Wisteria and Water

The lawyer's office nearby has beautiful wisteria.
It smells amazing!
Our cat has always been weird about her water.  She once went through a phase where she would only drink from glasses of water.  Now, she will only drink from the watering can.
This is what happens when the water level gets low :)

April 25, 2013: V is for Vine

Our grape vine is looking good this year :)


April 23, 2013: T is for Trucker Cap

Rob bought a new cap, with an eyeball patch.  It matches his belt buckle :)


April 22, 2013: S is for Shells and a Skull

The shells are from our Spring Break trip to Florida.
The skull we found at a yard sale this weekend.

April 21, 2013: A Walk

We saw some trillium.

We call this one 'jellyfish plant.'  It looked like a type of columbine.
Weird, scary bug.

Some fun-guys :)
Rob climbed a log.

Oh, and I started this year's sticky weed war :P


April 18, 2013: P is for Potheads and a Pretty Kitty

April 17, 2013: O is for Onion

I love growing onions.  They seem to work best for me when grown in containers.  I haven't had to buy an onion in months.  I also love to replant the end of an onion and watch it grow again.


April 16, 2013: N is for Nose

Our tree has a nose.  It's a nosy tree.
The nose came from the same package of body parts as the ear we mentioned earlier.
You can see the hand from the body parts in this post.
The gift that keeps on giving.


April 15, 2013: M is for Mango, Magnolia and Mushrooms

We had a very hard time coming up with an M word today.  Then I bought a mango and took a picture of it.
Rob saw a magnolia tree on his way home from acupuncture and took a picture of a bloom.  Pretty.
Then Rob remembered the mushrooms that have been growing in our front yard this spring.

All of a sudden, we have more than enough M words.

April 14, 2013: Goodbye Cat Pee Bushes!

We had these three bushed at the edge of our yard.  They have always bothered me.  I don't like the look of them, and they smell like cat pee :(  We finally posted them on Craigslist....
....and a very nice couple came to take them away.  I couldn't be happier :)
We are thinking about replacing them with blueberry bushes.