Day 109

Kia just loves when Lisa's parents visit. She can practice her hissing and attack mode:)

We took a ferry across the river to a vineyard.

Day 108: A Hike

Day 107

Day 106: Beatiful Day for a Bike Ride


Day 105

Supplies for my next necklace

Day 104

We are looking at houses again :)

Day 103

Day 102

Day 101

Today was a great day. We went shopping in Albany and Corvallis, found some bargains at Goodwill and ended up at a didgeridoo show at Calapooia Brewery, but we didn't take the camera with us. Oooops :)~ So, here are some beautiful photos from inside our house.

Here is a video of the didgeridoo player we saw, Jake Duncan


Day 100: Wow

Our newest game for the Wii.

Day 99

Roasted garlic with bread. Yum!

Day 98

Kitty hell.
Somehow the door to the bathroom was closed today while we were at work. Kia could not get to her litter box :(

Our newest game for the PS2: Dance Dance Revolution

Day 97


Day 96



Day 95

Our first grill out of the year :)

And with the sun, out comes my fabulous sunhat :)

Day 94: A Day of Sunshine

Lisa's "sunscreen"

These bald eagles are always around our area, looking for a nice lamb to eat. On our bike ride today, we saw them hanging out by a chicken enclosure.

And, the sunset

Day 93

I love this street. I pass it almost every day, and it's so pretty with all the flowering trees.


Day 91: Our Fish

Dori the fish. Our most active fish.

Here's the whole tank. It was so nasty when we got it, but now it is a lot better. You can see Dori up front. Pai Mei's eye is glowing in the back left corner. Grandpa's eye is glowing in the front right corner.