Day 303: Lisa's Elvis Skeleton

For Day of the Dead

Day 302

Day 301: Our Car on a Rainy Day

Day 300: Rob is so not Stylish. Pshaw

Day 299

Jack in the Box Commercial

Lisa went shopping at Kohls

Day 298

Lisa knitting and watching tv


Day 297


Looking for electricians

Day 296: And Hot Peppers :)

Day 295: We still have Tomatoes

Day 294: Lisa's New Birthday Tiara

Day 293: Birthday Treat.

Day 292: Still Life

Day 291: Kitty

Day 290: The House We are Buying :)

The front door

Living Room

Downstairs Master Bedroom

Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub


Spice shelves in the kitchen

Little room off the kitchen that looks like it used to be a porch

Unfinished basement

Upstairs bedroom #1

Upstairs bedroom #2

Upstairs bedroom #3

Upstairs bathroom

Day 289: Acorn Squash

Free from a neighbor's garden :)

Day 288: Overgrown Backyard of the House we are Buying

Day 287: Our Garden

Day 286: Pictures in the Dark

Day 285


I love Mafia Wars

Day 284: We Grew Pumpkins

Day 283: We Bought Pumpkins

Day 281 and 282: Ooops

We are stressed out and busy. No picture :(

Day 280: Flowers

Day 279: Oodles of Noodles

Day 278: Kia gets a new hat.

Day 277

French bread pizza.........yummmmmmmmm!

Full moon.

Day 276

Rob at the computer

Day 275

Good movie