Day 30: It's almost Rob's birthday!

Playstation 2 lights. We were watching Torchwood and drinking whiskey.

The spoiled princess' midnight snack.

Day 29

Rob took the scenic route home.

The lights outside our back window.


Day 27

You can't see me!

Yeah, that's right, I beat sudoku!

Day 26

Rob took a walk.

Oh, look. Our bulbs are sprouting. How are the bulbs in the Midwest??


Day 23

This mirror is haunted. Can't you tell?? No, really, my parents found this mirror in the basement of a haunted house. They would not let my sister bring this mirror to me when she came to visit, because they were afraid that the plane would crash. Instead they mailed it to me.

We can never resist taking pictures of the cat.Our friend sent us this a while ago.

Day 22

Another UFO

My new favorite thing:)


Day 21


Sunrise in Lebanon, OR.

Day 20: Inauguration Day....Yeah Obama :)


Blurry Gargoyle.
Doesn't it look like something from a horror movie?

Day 19: MLK Jr. Day

My very long shadow.

Our cabbage plant. I wonder when I should harvest it??


Day 16

Once again, the best cat in the world makes her debut.

It's a space leprechaun.

Day 15

Antique clock given to me by my grandfather. It's always now.

A collage of MLK Jr. that is hanging in the commons area at school.

Day 14

Waiting at the stoplight.


Day 13

This is for my friends and family in Wisconsin. Just wanted to remind you what grass looks like.

My classroom daily calendar.

Day 12

Our can deposit retirement fund. This stock is worth more than Enron :)

The basil plants we are attempting to grow indoors from seed. Not going to get much pesto from these spindly guys.


Day 11

Cutie pie.

The moon looked so cool tonight, like the full moon in a werewolf movie, with clouds floating in front of it. It probably doesn't help that I am reading a book about werewolves right now:)

Day 10

Yep, I got a virus.
I love making homemade pizza. Isn't it pretty? It's vegetarian :)