Day 56: Y is for Yin Yang and Yellow Chick

Y is for Yin Yang.
A page from Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

Y is for Yellow Chick.
This chick and a bunch of its little friends were in an Easter basket from my mom. One day I walked into my craft room, and someone had put little yellow chicks all around the room :)
I think it was the cat.


Day 55: X is for X-Factor Comic and Xerophyte

X is for X-Factor Comic.

X is for Xerophyte.
I learned a new work. Go ahead....look it up.


Day 52: U is for Uni-corn and Unexpected

U is for Uni-corn. Get it?? :)

U is for Unexpected. Our first crocus is blooming.
Also for Underground, because that's what it would be if we still lived in the Midwest :)

Day 51: T is for Time and Tea

T is for Time.

T is for Tea.
Just got a package from my of those things I miss about Ireland, the tea.


Day 47: P is for Poo and Peas on a Platter and Paint

P is for Poo and Peas on a Platter.
Don't worry, the poo is fake :)

P is for Paint.



Day 44: M is for Monster and Mask

M is for monster. Aaaaah!!!!
I don't know why, but this is one of my favorites :)

M is for Mexican mask. Ay ay ay!


Day 40: I is for Igneous and Iron

I is for Igneous Rock. Mahogany obsidian to be exact.

I is for Iron.


Day 38: G is for Glyph on Glitter and Grandma's Boy

G is for glyphs on glitter.

G is for Grandma's Boy, a goofy movie that makes us guffaw.
And for those of you who know that we have seen this movie about a gajillion times....yes, we watched it again, last night :)

Day 37: F is for Funny Face and Fruitbowl

F is for funny face.

F is for fruitbowl.