Day 254

Julie and Naomi came over for some Jaegermeister.

Lisa got a bunch of beads from Craigslist :)

Day 253

Lisa went to the library :)


Day 251 and 252: We're Busy

School is back, and we missed two days of photos.

Day 250: UFOs

Day 249: More Art Festival

Like I said, it rained all weekend :(

We were cold.

Day 248: 1st Annual Foster Lake Art Festival

We had a booth at the 1st annual Art Festival at Edgewater Resort and Marina on Foster Lake.
The view from our booth
It rained all weekend :(

View of the booth.
We were lucky to be able to share a canopy with another vendor

Day 247: Sunrise

Day 246

Rob's thinking about school next year.

New addition to our weight room.

Rob is building a tower.....

and it just keeps growing.

Day 245

Rob fell off a tire in an obstacle course, and the band-aid monkey came to save him :)

Watermelon from Rob's coworker's garden

Day 244

Ghandi quote

Lemon cucumber slice.

Day 243

Lisa chillaxing on the couch with the kitty.

Our window at dawn.

Day 242

Cow in a field.

Pumpkin growing in our garden.

Day 241: Credence Clearwater Revival

We went to the Northwest Art and Air Festival to see Credence Clearwater Revival.

There was quite a crowd.

They rocked!!

Hey those people have the same lawn chairs as us :)

Rob was grinning......

Lisa was singing.

We had fun :)

We saw the fireworks as we were walking home.