Day 180: Look!

Look, my toothbrush has a big toothy grin.

Look, itty bitty tomatoes on our heirloom cherry tomato plant.

Day 179: Frisbee!!

Nice throw!

Keep running, Lisa.

Look at that game face.

Hey, I caught it :)

Run, Rob, run.

Day 178

One of Rob's paintings close up.

Lotion for Lisa's sunburn.

Day 177: Do you like pina coladas?

What could be better on a sunny afternoon than sipping pina coladas from pineapple cups??

Look at the pretty layers.


Day 176

Helped a friend get some bark dust for her yard, and she gave me some plants for my yard :)

Rob got a haircut and a new t-shirt

Yeah, I finally got to a reasonable fitness age on the Wii.
You can see that it is a vast improvement from my previous score of 60!

Day 175

Little frog that lives where we turn on the water for our sprinklers.

Kitty squeezing herself into a too small box.


Day 174: In our backyard


Yarn drying on the clothesline

Daisies are blooming!

Day 173

We went to the beach.

Rogue gave us a free sample......yummy

Weird beach creature
Anyone know what it is????

Day 172

Saw these on the Ellen show and had to have them :) huh, mom??

Two Irish beauties

Kittie wants to be inside

Taz was on my coffee cup this morning :)

Day 171

The truck is clean :)

We had a strange Mexican visitor........

The cat, being cute as usual :)


Day 170

We already have the shed of elk.....now we have plume of turkey......all that's left is the eye of newt......

Weird droopy pine tree that can't support its cones.


Day 169

Day 168

Hay on the side of the road.
Excuse the darkness. We are learning to use our new camera phones.

Strawberry banana bread. Yum!


Day 167

Driving home from Klamath Falls

Bug I saved from a spiderweb.

Day 166

Our motel room in Klamath Falls.

Purple Parrot Lottery Lounge....a happening place

Champagne at Elmer's

Army and Birkenstocks. This seems like an oxymoron

Grumpy is driving

More champagne at Elmer's