Day 166

Our motel room in Klamath Falls.

Purple Parrot Lottery Lounge....a happening place

Champagne at Elmer's

Army and Birkenstocks. This seems like an oxymoron

Grumpy is driving

More champagne at Elmer's

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  1. Hee hee...when this post popped up in my little follower window, it seemed like the name of the hotel was The Purple Parrot Lottery Lounge. I frankly thought it sounded like a fun place to stay. I have to admit I'm sort of bummed to know it was a hotel and then, seperately, a lottery lounge.
    I let myself imagine a hotel where you never knew if you'd be a winner and if you WERE a winner, what did you win?!
    I guess that's sort of like life, hmm?
    Happy summer to you both!