4th of July at OCF

We celebrated at the Oregon Country Fair Site, where they had a bonfire and awesome fireworks.
We sat in a giant circle of hippies with antique fire trucks standing by in case of emergency.  We were so close to the fireworks that shrapnel was falling on our heads.  We laughed so hard!

Summer Freak-Out

I had a swollen finger.  We thought it was another MRSA infection, but it was just an arthritis flare-up.

The kitty had surgery for an ear polyp and an abscess draining.  Her ear is still a little swollen today, although her hair is growing back :) 

Summer Festival Fun! And Travel Fun!



We went to Illinois for my sister's baby shower and to Wisconsin to see Rob's family, including his parents' puppy!
In the airport, on the way home, we saw a dog groomed to look like the Simpsons family.

Summer Kitty

The Garden this Summer

Summer Bugs

Summer Work

We painted the garage,
did lots of laundry,
and Rob worked with some wood.

Summer Walks in Albany