February 13, 2013: Rob's New Book

Rob bought a book!  A friend recommended Divergent by Veronica Roth because he liked the Hunger Games so much.  I can't wait until he finished so I can read it too.

February 12, 2013: Bike Ride!

We took our bikes out for a ride today.  It was awesome!!


February 11, 2013: Rob's New T-Shirt

Rob got a package in the mail today, a Kaukauna Lager t-shirt.  Rob grew up in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, and it seems there used to be a brewery there.  Cool shirt.


February 10, 2013: Working Out with Denise Austin

I worked out with a Denise Austin yoga tape today.  Can you see the expression on that guy's face?  He's thinking, what is up with this chick?  I love Denise.  She always makes you feel like you are doing an excellent job, even if you can't do any of the moves she is doing :)

February 9, 2013: Fire

It's been warmer outside recently.  We had a fire in the backyard today.  It felt like we were camping :)

February 8, 2013: Fruit Bowl

Looking forward to eating that pomegranate.

February 7, 2013: New Chess Set

Rob found this cool chess table and playing pieces on Craigslist.  We had to have it.


Rob's Birthday Gift: A Work in Progress

I bought Rob this ring for his birthday.  It's a mokume ring from JulietLove's Etsy shop.  Unfortunately, the ring is too tight.  Today we had Rob's finger sized at the jewelry store and plan to exchange the ring for a better fitting one.  Eventually he will have his birthday gift.


February 5, 2013: Lisa's Latest Attempt at Designing

February 4, 2013

I wore some awesome knee socks to work today.
And the kitty relaxed on the couch.

February 3, 2013: Super Bowling

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, we went Super Bowling :)  and ate some amazing curly fries.

February 2, 2013: Happy Birthday Rob

Today was Rob's birthday, and Kia met her doppelganger.  She was unimpressed, as usual.
"You are not me!!!"    or    "I'm going to eat you!!"

February 1, 2013: Warm Ears

We went for a bike ride, and our ears stayed warm because Lisa knit awesome bike helmet ear warmers.  Yay!

January 31, 2013: Kia's New Favorite Spot

She has decided that she loves to sit on my laptop now.

January 30, 2013

Strawberry plants are poking up through the leaves :)  I can't wait for strawberry waffles!!

January 29, 2013: Artichoke Survived the Cold

so far.

January 28, 2013: Wall Art is Stained

Rob stained our new wall hangings with a dark stain and then hung them all asymmetrical-like.  Looks good :)

January 27, 2013: Rob's Flowers

A gift from Kitty Kat :)

January 26, 2013: Surprise Party!!

We had a fun time!

January 25, 2013: Blooms are Budding

January 24, 2013: Kitty