July 25, 2012: Dinner in the Backyard

Tonight we grilled out and had dinner in the backyard.  We lit some citronella torches on the table.
We have fairy lights under the grape arbor.
It was very peaceful, and even a little romantic, until a truck pulled into the parking lot across the street, and some guy started up a leaf blower!  At 9:45pm!  It was pretty obnoxious, but dinner was still good :)

July 24, 2012

Our pink lily is finally blooming.  I have been waiting a very long time for the flowers to open fully.
Thai hot peppers!  Yum!
A busy little honeybee on the echinacea flower.  I love honeybees.
And some pictures from Bryant Park where we played 10 holes of disc golf.


July 23, 2012: Angel

We've been watching Angel on Netflix.  

July 22, 2012: Gladiola

July 21, 2012

We went on a bike ride and saw the eagle again, but this time we had Rob's camera, so we got a much better picture.  So cool!
This is the spider that currently lives on our living room ceiling.  Not sure where he is as I'm writing this :-0


July 20, 2012

Rob organized the garage today, so the canoe can have a nice house.  He did a great job.  I wish I had a before picture so you could really see all the work he did.  Amazing!
We have been watching this plant grow for a while now.  We did not plant it; it was a volunteer.  We originally thought that it was a pumpkin, because we both remember throwing our rotten Hallowe'en pumpkin in this spot.
But this does not look like a pumpkin.  Hmmmm.

July 19, 2012: It Floats!!

We took the canoe out on Freeway Lakes in Albany.  It floats!!  Yay!!  It was so peaceful.  I can't wait to go again.

July 18, 2012: New Truck Rack

Today we put our new truck rack together, cleaned the canoe, and put it on the rack.  Tomorrow we will take the canoe out to see if it floats.

July 17, 2012: New Battery

I couldn't start the car to go to my doctor appointment today.  We had to jump it.  This has been happening way too frequently recently, so after the appointment I went to get the battery checked.  Sure enough, we needed a new battery.  Now everything works great.

July 16, 2012: Home Again

In the short time we were gone, our garden changed dramatically.  Our coneflowers and yucca are blooming.

Veggies are actually growing and ripening.

It's crazy how much can change so quickly.

July 15, 2012: Oregon Country Fair

Sunday, we saw Swami Beyondananda.  This was our second time seeing him at the Fair.  Very funny guy.
Some people had these glowing jellyfish umbrellas.  I want to try to make one, so I took a picture to remind me.  Too bad the pictures were taken without a flash in the dark, so I can't really see how they were put together.  Ooops.  Must remember to use flash next time :)

July 14, 2012: Oregon Country Fair

Saturday, we saw The Nowhere Band, a Beatles cover band, on Main Stage.  They were awesome!
A giraffe was eating all the leaves!
And we helped out with the nightly sweep.

July 13, 2012: OCF

The Mayan Calendar was a new display this year.  There are 366 squares on the calendar, each with a date and some symbols.  Once you find your birthday, you can look up the symbols in the key and find out what your birthday says about you.  It was really difficult to find specific dates.
At night it lit up and spun around and looked really cool :)
This year, we saw the fire show, complete with flaming dragon!

July 12, 2012

Thursday, Rob and I both came home for the day.  We took a nap and a shower and watered the garden.

July 11, 2012

I came home on Wednesday to make sure the kitty stayed up on her insulin shots.  It gave me some time to finish Rob's Yoda hat :)

July 10, 2012: Oregon Country Fair (OCF)

We work Pre-/Post-Security at OCF, so Tuesday, we went to a security meeting.  Afterwards we set up our tent and walked around a little.  Here is a crow sculpture that sits on top of one of the recycling centers.
I can't remember if we saw this show on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, so I'm going to post it here. Music amongst the trees and glowing things.

July 9, 2012

Did some laundry to prepare for a trip (that's why the blog has not been updated in a while).  Kia loves the laundry basket.  She likes to sit in it and lick the sides.  Weirdo!


July 8, 2012: Hot Cat

It was hot today.  Kia tried to stay cool by lying in front of the fan.  It gets pretty hot under all that fuzz.
Then this evening, she was sitting on the couch with her tongue stuck out, which I just think is the cutest thing ever(even if all the pictures are blurry).

July 7, 2012

We got this plant stand free from Craigslist.  It really opens up the space by our window.

Oh, and we made pizza on the grill!  It was amazing!

July 6, 2012: Homemade Wine

Last year, at grape harvest time, we started the process of making some wine with our grapes.  Today, we bottled and corked our wine.  We put some of the wine in beer bottles with a little extra sugar, in the hopes that it will become sparkling wine.
Then we each drank a glass of our homemade wine.  Yum!