July 25, 2012: Dinner in the Backyard

Tonight we grilled out and had dinner in the backyard.  We lit some citronella torches on the table.
We have fairy lights under the grape arbor.
It was very peaceful, and even a little romantic, until a truck pulled into the parking lot across the street, and some guy started up a leaf blower!  At 9:45pm!  It was pretty obnoxious, but dinner was still good :)


  1. A leaf blower? Sheesh! It looks cool. You didn't mention what you grilled, but it doesn't matter when you're having a peaceful time.

    Too, it never fails to have ones peace disrupted these days. I get one day a week where I "sleep in" and then it is only until 6:30 a.m. If I make it until 6 a.m I am doing well. Noise pollution!

    By the way, I am hosting a blog fest August 10-12. It is called the "Dog Days of Summer." Stop on by and sign up!


  2. When 9:45 p.m. rolls around, I always get an urge to get out the leaf blower! haha