Another Beautiful Weekend

Weekend Adventures

We saw this on our walk today.
Apocalyptic couch.

Yesterday Lisa climbed back up on the grape arbor to finish cleaning up the grape vines.

Then she made a funky arrangement from the different trees in our yard.

Other Projects

Rob just started another blog here. It's all about his amazing finds on Craigslist.

And of course, Lisa is still working on her craft blog, here.

Check them out :)

Our Garden

We have been working in the garden a lot recently and we have found some treasures.


One of the big jobs we are taking on is pruning the huge grape vines and cleaning up the grape arbor.
On the left of the pictures, you can see what the whole thing looked like before we started. On the right, you can see the progress we are making.

Lisa had to climb up on top of the arbor to clean it up, and boy did she find some treasures up there!! Sidewalk chalk, a keychain and animal poop to name a few.

What Now?

Well, the year in pictures is over. It was a challenge, but it was fun. So, what now? We have decided that instead of taking a picture every day, from now on we will be taking a picture a week. The pictures start this week, so come back soon to see what's going on in our exciting lives :)

Day 365: Rob in the Living Room

Day 364 : Lisa in the Living Room

Day 363: Our New Computer

Day 362: Sun on the Porch

Day 361: Kia's Favorite Wine

Day 360: Darth Vader

Day 359: Antiques

Day 358

Day 357: Backdoor

Day 356

Day 355: Lisa's Bookshelf

Day 354: Kwan Yin in the Window

Day 353: Rob's Desk

Day 352: Porthole

Day 351

Day 350: Pipes

Day 349: Totem Pole

Day 348: Stenciled Stairs

Day 347: Red Berries

Day 346: Overgrown Blackberries

Day 345: Old Birdbath

Day 344: The Haunted Mirror

Day 343: Bookshelf

Day 342: Pantry Shelves

Day 341: Rob's Painting in the Kitchen

Day 340

Day 339: Through the Keyhole

Day 338: Spice Shelves

Day 337: A little Tree

Day 336: Our porch light

Day 335: Our House

For the remainder of our year in pictures, we will be posting pictures of our new house. We are sorry that it has taken us so long to finish up this project, but we have had a lot to do since moving. For today's photo, our house number: