August 29, 2012: Hops Harvest

 Hops have been harvested and beer has started brewing :)

August 28, 2012: Cider!! and Fire

2Towns Ciderhouse was having a 50% off case special, so we bought a little cider :)  They are having a grand opening of their new tasting room on September 29th.  Looking forward to it :)
 Then we had a little fire in the firepit, and the grass caught fire!!  aaaahhhhh!!

August 27, 2012: Lisa Goes Back to Work

I set up my classroom.
While Rob sat at home drinking carrot juice.

August 26, 2012: A Batty Day!

We went to some estate sales this weekend, and I bought a new (vintage) suitcase that I plan to use as a briefcase!
Later a friend came to visit.  While we were sitting and talking in the living room, a bat flew into our house.  He flew around the living room and kitchen repeatedly, unable to find his way out, until we turned off the fan, and he left.

August 25, 2012: Styx!

Waiting for the concert to begin.  There were so many people there.  Who would want to miss a free Styx concert??
The videos!

August 24, 2012

Blurry picture of our pothead sedum.

August 23, 2012

This lemon cucumber is climbing into a nearby tree.

August 22, 2012

August 21, 2012

August 20, 2012: Rob's Back at Work

And we grew some tomatoes :)

August 19, 2012


August 18, 2012: Teddy Bears' Picnic

Photobomb :)

August 17, 2012: Blackberry Picking

Pretty sure we picked enough to make some blackberry wine :)

August 16, 2012: Magic Mike

Girls' Night!!!

August 15, 2012: Kia has an Idea!

August 14, 2012: Badassery!!

We earned this certificate of badassery on the videogame, Borderlands.  I can't wait for the sequel.

August 13, 2012: Kumato and Dinner

Have you ever had a kumato?  If not, you should try one.  They are these really tasty brown tomatoes, and they were one of the topics we discussed at dinner tonight.  We ate with some friends at Sweet Red.  Love that place!

August 12, 2012: Happy Kitty

Kia was happy to see us when we got home from Washington.

August 11, 2012: Woodinville Wine

The morning after the Dead Can Dance concert, we had a little breakfast at the motel.  Rob accidentally sat back on a cream cheese covered bagel.  I had to take a picture :-P  We laughed so hard :-D
Once he had changed to a clean shirt, we drove to Woodinville to check out some wineries.  
First we went to Chateau Ste. Michelle.
Yep, that's the direction we'll be going :)

Yum yum.
I didn't realize that there is actually a chateau on the property.
We didn't take the tour, but we did get our picture taken with some giant fruit.
The grounds are really beautiful.
Rob got a kick out of the smoker's pole :)
Then we went across the street to Columbia Winery.
We drove home with a lot of wine.  Yum!

August 10, 2012: Dead Can Dance

Before the show, we explored Marymoor Park.  We rode our bikes from the motel in Bellevue to the park.  I thought I was going to die a couple of times because the hills were so crazy.  At the park there was a windmill,
a kung-fu tree,
and a totem pole
with lots of carvings.

The musician who opened for the Dead Can Dance was from Switzerland, and he played a type of steel drum that looked like a flying saucer.  It was really cool!
The Dead Can Dance were awesome.  Here are some videos that can never really capture what this show was really like.  People were in tears.  It was amazing!

This last song is my favorite, so I videotaped the whole thing.  So beautiful.  I was so glad that they played it.
During the five-song encore, we took a picture of some people who were silhouetted against the red stage lights.