Our Garden

Can you see the kitty hiding on our new furniture??

Relaxing after 2 weeks of painting :)

Scrapin', Primin', Paintin'

Rob in his painting gear.

Lisa on the roof.

The finished product.

Our new, fabulous red accents :)

Oregon Country Fair

Rob, Rob, security man :)

What can it be? A strange floating brain?

No, just some cool flashing glasses we were playing with :)

Our neighbors

Swami Beyondananda......funny guy :)

The view from our tent.

Fourth of July 2010

As dusk falls, Rob and Roger prepare for the night's festivities, while an American flag blows in the breeze behind them.

Spelling with sparklers.

And the fireworks.....




Garden Insects and the Cat

A nest of baby spiders in our lavender plant

Crazy white spider eating a bug

Kitty in the forest

Our first broccoli harvest

That crazy spider again

Porno Kitty


Rob and Lisa Get Married

6 weeks of photos

Our new compost container

One of my students went to Hawaii for two weeks for Spring Break and brought me a lei

I wore it to work for a day

Then put it out in the yard. You're supposed to return leis to the Earth after wearing, apparently

Kia has always enjoyed sitting in a basket of clean laundry
Probably why all my clothes are covered in cat hair :)

Housewarming gift from my parents: a cool windchime.....

......and a giant mushroom :)

Kia enjoying Spring in the garden

And her new favorite place to sit

New fuschias for the yard
Align Center
Tomato plants

Our new cherry tree


Bee balm

A surprise iris popped up

Our grapes are sprouting

New spinny thing from Marilyn and Roger


Broccoli, cabbage, basil