6 weeks of photos

Our new compost container

One of my students went to Hawaii for two weeks for Spring Break and brought me a lei

I wore it to work for a day

Then put it out in the yard. You're supposed to return leis to the Earth after wearing, apparently

Kia has always enjoyed sitting in a basket of clean laundry
Probably why all my clothes are covered in cat hair :)

Housewarming gift from my parents: a cool windchime.....

......and a giant mushroom :)

Kia enjoying Spring in the garden

And her new favorite place to sit

New fuschias for the yard
Align Center
Tomato plants

Our new cherry tree


Bee balm

A surprise iris popped up

Our grapes are sprouting

New spinny thing from Marilyn and Roger


Broccoli, cabbage, basil

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