April 29, 2012

Our pretty trees are blooming.  Hummingbirds were visiting them today.
 Our cherry tree is producing cherries.  Yay!
 The strawberry plants are blooming.  I wonder if we will get a lot of strawberries this year.
 Our purple lilac is blooming up front...
 ...and the white lilac is blooming out back.  They smell so amazing.

April 28, 2012: Young

Sorry these last two posts have been a little late.  We were on a little vacation.  We went to the Oregon Garden, which we learned is a very young botanical garden, for a Brewfest.  We spent the night at the Oregon Garden Resort.  Our room had a little patio.
 The bed was very comfortable, and the room was comfortable.
 We didn't use the fireplace, but it was cool to have the option.  The hotel is even younger than the botanical garden :)
 We spent the day acting young and wild and free at the Brewfest.  A very fun mini-vacation.

April 27, 2012: X

There's an x on the side of my knitting bag.  I love this bag!


April 26, 2012: Weird Weather

The weather has been very weird here recently.  Just this past weekend, the temperature got into the 80s.  

Today, we saw sun, rain, and hail.  You can never predict the weather during the spring in Oregon.  We just want summer to get here.  And fast :)


April 25, 2012: Vase

We bought this large vase today.  Rob found it on Craigslist.  I don't think it has found its permanent place in our yard yet; we need to play around with it a little.  I think it might be nice to paint it with a really funky pattern, but we'll see.  At least it's not heavy, so it's easy for us to move it around :)


April 24, 2012: Under the Bed

Kia was grumpy tonight, so I forced her to play with her catnip mouse.  It always makes her feel better.  After getting over the initial annoyance of me shoving a stuffed mouse in her face, she actually started enjoying herself and got really playful.  Every time I stood up, she thought I was going to chase her or annoy her in some other way, so she ran under the bed.  She wore herself out very quickly and crashed on the living room rug.  Catnip:  Kitty mood changer :)


April 23, 2012: Tacos!

We were driving home this afternoon, and a guy on NPR said something about tacos.  
I thought, "Mmmmm, tacos."  
At exactly the same moment, Rob said, "Mmmmm, tacos."

It was settled.  We were having tacos for dinner.  Yummy!  Perfect for T-day in the A to Z challenge :)


April 22, 2012

Our Spanish Hyacinths are blooming.  It is like a sea of blue.
 Our lilac is starting to bloom.  Rob thought that this picture would look much better if he was in the background..... here's a picture with him in the background.  Can you see him?  He's a little blurry.
 Finally, the amazing veggie burger I had for dinner.  Yummy.


April 21, 2012: Strawberries and Spaghetti

We moved our strawberry plants this year, and they are doing so well.  They already look so much more healthy than they did last year.  More sunlight = happy strawberry plants.
 We also bought and planted another 90 strawberry plants.  They are also doing well.  I hope we have lots of strawberries this year.
 For dinner tonight we had spaghetti.  Mmmmmmm.  Looks so good :)


April 20, 2012: Rhubarb and Really Good Wife

The new rhubarb plant in our garden.  Pretty.  We wanted to plant rhubarb so we can try rhubarb margaritas.
 Apparently the fact that I bought these two bottles makes me a really good wife :)


April 19, 2012: Q

Star Fleet Admiral Q
We love Star Trek, especially when it's a Q episode.  Rob says if he could be any Star Trek character, it would be Q.  He is a cool character.



April 16, 2012: Night

In the top left corner you can see a plane.
 Two cars drove by while Rob was taking this one.


April 15, 2012

So this morning, I was weeding in the garden.  I pulled out some weeds and saw a huge creepy spider.  I immediately asked Rob to come take a look.  He said, "That looks like a mouse spider.  You should kill it.  They're really poisonous!"  I picked up a nearby rock and flattened the spider, three times.  Later when I stopped by to check that it was actually dead, I found a horde of ants eating it.

 Our cherry tree has blossoms.  We might get two handfuls of cherries this year.
 Yesterday we planted bare-root strawberries.  They are already growing.
 We bought and planted some flowers yesterday.  Pretty.

 Our tulips are blooming.

 These purple flowers are blooming.  I don't know what they are called :)
 And the kitty got to be outside.  She loved it.
ETA:  By the way, according to our Google search, it actually was a mouse spider, and they are actually poisonous!!


April 14, 2012: Mushrooms

We got some mushroom compost for our yard, and it started growing some really weird mushrooms.  The big one looks a little like a grumpy old man.


April 12, 2012: Knitting

My current knitting project: a seed stitch cowl knit with super bulky yarn.


April 11, 2012: Jack

Our friend Jack Daniels came to visit today.  The best part was that he brought some Cafe Yumm bowls and tofu skewers, so we could cheat a little on our diet :)  Yummy!
 And just because she is so adorable, here is Kia in her otter pose.


April 9, 2012: Heads!

Yesterday we planted my favorite planters: the potheads :)  
 We decided this year to go with sedum and succulents.
 For the third one we got another pretty flower.
Aren't they awesome?