April 15, 2012

So this morning, I was weeding in the garden.  I pulled out some weeds and saw a huge creepy spider.  I immediately asked Rob to come take a look.  He said, "That looks like a mouse spider.  You should kill it.  They're really poisonous!"  I picked up a nearby rock and flattened the spider, three times.  Later when I stopped by to check that it was actually dead, I found a horde of ants eating it.

 Our cherry tree has blossoms.  We might get two handfuls of cherries this year.
 Yesterday we planted bare-root strawberries.  They are already growing.
 We bought and planted some flowers yesterday.  Pretty.

 Our tulips are blooming.

 These purple flowers are blooming.  I don't know what they are called :)
 And the kitty got to be outside.  She loved it.
ETA:  By the way, according to our Google search, it actually was a mouse spider, and they are actually poisonous!!


  1. Love the pictures, especiall the happy cat pic. I strongly dislike spiders, but I'm glad the ants could make some use of it.

  2. Looks like you have a lovely garden...enjoy the challenge!

  3. Beautiful flowers, beautiful kitty cat but, EW, those spider-eating ants!!!

  4. I know. The ants are gross, although I am glad they are removing all traces of that creepy spider from my yard.