February 24

Today, Rob got a snow day, and I had to go to work. Rob got to sit at home and relax on the couch, and I had to spend my day in a classroom, watching the snow fall outside. I'm not bitter though. My night class was cancelled because of the weather.

February 23

Rob's stupid rug

Lisa's not-stupid soup

February 22

The next room on our photographic house tour is the kitchen. I really want to paint the cabinets in this room. I have never been a fan of white cabinets in a kitchen. They get so grubby. I absolutely love the island in this kitchen with the cooktop. The previous owners made it from two bathroom vanities. So creative. We use our kitchen a lot, so it's really important that it is a room that we enjoy. This kitchen is definitely a winner. It's big enough for Rob and I to work together on a meal, and it's very functional.

I've been buying a lot of bulk spices recently and just leaving all the little baggies to pile up in the pantry. While I was at work tonight, Rob cleaned up my mess by finding jars for all of the spices I had bought. It's much easier to find what I am looking for now :)

February 21

Where did this beautiful weather magically appear from?? After a crummy week, we woke up to sunshine streaming through the window. We immediately decided to enjoy our tea and coffee on the porch, looking stylish as always in pajamas :)

Oh, looks like Rob got dressed before going out in public. Maybe I should try that next time.
We decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and go for a bike ride. It was a lot colder on the bike than it felt when we were sitting on the porch in the sunshine. Once on the bike, I could feel a cold breeze. Rob said it was because I wasn't pedaling fast enough to work up a sweat.
We stopped for a moment in the middle of nowhere to savor the silence and the warmth of the sun, and to take a few pictures.

Rob was blinded by the light :)
We passed some cows. They were cute.
But not as cute as what was waiting for us when we got home, a drunken kitty in the window :) What a lush!

February 20

Crocuses in our backyard.

Our amazing breakfast.


February 17: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Elton John!!!

We went to see Elton John in Eugene

There were a lot of people there. It was sold out!

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Elton John...

We were sitting behind him, and I was mesmerized by his coat all night. It looked like a hot, female genie holding a tray of cocktails in one hand and a case of beer in the other.

I think Elton John's music might be really hard to dance to, but these guys sure gave it a fighting shot. Must be difficult to dance while also fighting gravity of course :)

"Rocket Man" was awesome. Elton totally jammed out, with an echo mic and everything. Wish I had gotten video of the jammin', but at least I got this.

February 16

Mmmmm. Nothing like cheese on etc.


February 15

Today, we got a surprise package from Rob's parents with two Super Bowl Champion sweatshirts! Cool.

This is the beginning of a photographic tour of our house. We will continue to sporadically post pictures of the different rooms in our house and what we have done to them so far. This is the living room, the first room you see when you enter throught the front door. In this room, we have really just added furniture, a rug and accessories. The walls were already painted the perfect color :) Sorry if it looks empty or unfinished; we have only lived here a little over a year :P Personally, I love this room.


February 14: Happy Valentine's Day

Elton John tickets for Thursday. Can't wait!

New I-pod dock for Rob. Happy Valentine's Day :)


February 13: Playing Pool

February 12

We went to the Vault to spend a little of the very generous gift certificate that my grandad gave us for Christmas. We enjoyed Spanish coffees and tapas in the warmth, while outside the weather was not so pretty. By the time we left to walk home, it had started to sprinkle a little, but don't worry, we made it. We didn't melt or anything :)

Lisa smelling the roses on her shirt.
Rob is crazy for fondue.

Rob found these really awesome denture salt and pepper shakers on Craigslist. Of course he had to buy them!
He also received a package of Chef Pastorelli pizza sauce, the best pizza sauce there is next to homemade.

February 11

Rob gets farm-fresheggs from one of his students. They are so good.

February 10

Rob took some blacklight pictures of his artwork.


February 9

One day, we bought dried apricots as a snack, and Rob wondered, "what woud happen if we soaked a dried apricot in some whiskey? Do you think it would rehydrate?" So, we put a dried apricot in a shot glass with some whiskey. It did rehydrate a little, but that is one tiny apricot!

Kia. Awwww.