February 21

Where did this beautiful weather magically appear from?? After a crummy week, we woke up to sunshine streaming through the window. We immediately decided to enjoy our tea and coffee on the porch, looking stylish as always in pajamas :)

Oh, looks like Rob got dressed before going out in public. Maybe I should try that next time.
We decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and go for a bike ride. It was a lot colder on the bike than it felt when we were sitting on the porch in the sunshine. Once on the bike, I could feel a cold breeze. Rob said it was because I wasn't pedaling fast enough to work up a sweat.
We stopped for a moment in the middle of nowhere to savor the silence and the warmth of the sun, and to take a few pictures.

Rob was blinded by the light :)
We passed some cows. They were cute.
But not as cute as what was waiting for us when we got home, a drunken kitty in the window :) What a lush!

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