March 17, 2013: That Cat is Old??

Our cat is about 14 years old, and no matter how many cat toys she receives, her favorite toy of all time is this large crystal that hangs in our bedroom window.  When the sun shines through that crystal, rainbows dance all around our room.
Kia's favorite thing to do is to chase those rainbows around the bed.
It's hard to remember she is old and diabetic when she acts like this :)

March 16, 2013: The Party Started Late this Weekend


March 15, 2013: A Walk and a Gargoyle

We went on a bike ride and a walk today and saw so many beautiful flowers.
These cute little ducks thought we were going to feed them :)
Then the mail brought us this awesome gargoyle bottle opener for our kitchen wall :)

March 14, 2013: Cherry Blossoms

March 13, 2013: Eureka

We tried watching Eureka again.  We liked the first season, but the second season not so much :(


March 12, 2013: Pretty Daffodil

March 11, 2013: Cherry Blossoms are Ready to Pop

March 10, 2013: Rob Applied for Grad School!

Rob will hopefully be going back to school next year.  His first application is complete, to Lewis and Clark college.  Fingers crossed.

March 9, 2013: What a Beautiful Day!

It was such a beautiful Saturday!  Rob worked in the garden.
And we found this awesome specimen in the garlic that we harvested from our garden.
Overall, a pretty great day :)


March 8, 2013: Clouds

The clouds have been amazing recently.  Today I actually got some pictures while Rob was driving us home.  Clear blue skies with big poofy white clouds.


March 7, 2013: Popped Tire

We went on a bike ride today after work, and my front tire popped.  Luckily, I stopped before it popped  and a guy in a truck stopped to give us a ride home.

March 6, 2013: Grape Hyacinths

March 5, 2013: Daffodils

March 4, 2013: I Think we are due a Cat Picture!

March 3, 2013: Nutria

Isn't he cute?

March 2, 2013: Pizza and Cider

Homemade pizza with a Cherry Poppin' Cider.  Yummy!

March 1, 2013: Surprises

Buds are turning green....
...and while walking home from the Vault, we found a sidewalk face :)

February 28, 2013: New Scooba

We got a new Scooba, and it does amazing things.  It sweeps and mops my floor while I sit back and relax. That makes me smile :)

February 27, 2013: Vegetarian Sausages

I love this recipe:  vegetarian sausages.

February 26, 2013: Game of Thrones

Season 2!  Yay!

February 25, 2013: Purple Crocuses Blooming

February 24, 2013: Photo Walk

Lisa's Pictures:

Rob's Pictures:

February 23, 2013: Berry Waffles

Made from Scratch :)

February 22, 2013: Onion

This onion is the most successful that I have ever grown.  I am looking forward to eating it :)

February 21, 2013: Buds

February 20, 2013: Cafe Yumm

We went to Cafe Yumm for dinner.  We love their tofu skewers!!

February 17-19: No Photos, Back Hurts :(

February 16, 2013: And now they are Blooming

February 15, 2013: Crocuses are Budding