July 5-11, 2011: Oregon Country Fair

This was our second year working at the Oregon Coutry Fair. Our first shift was near the entrance to Main Camp, and it was a busy area with lots of people carting in their camping gear. Thankfully we got to sit in the shade.

We started almost every day in Chela Mela Meadow drinking coffee and people watching. Everyone has different ways of preparing for a day at the Fair: yoga, coffee, juggling, making a hat or getting some henna done. What a great place to wake up!

During the Fair, of course, we also got to see lots of people dressed up in cool costumes. I only got a couple of pictures this year, but the post from last year has more.

We also brought some cool dress-up stuff. Our crew's theme this year was the circus, so we brought some goofy clown stuff like these awesome giant glasses.

Unfortunately, the glasses were really difficult to see through, so we didn't really end up wearing them. They spent most of the trip adorning a nearby tree. We did wear our clown noses though, but alas no pics :)

My super cool dino hat was the only sunhat I had for a number of days. Thankfully we sat in the shade for our first shit, so I didn't actually need a sunhat. Everyone told me it looked like an alligator or a crocodile, but I am still convinced that it is a dinosaur!!

At night everyting at Fair glows. It is always neat to walk around and see all the cool glowing art pieces that are hanging around.

Each night certain stages were lit up for performances by some of the musicians.

Chela Mela Meadow is always glowing. This girl was dancing to music with her flashing, glowing hula hoop! It was amazing.

One night we found a creepy bunny....

...and I had my picture taken with him. Kinda brings me back to the good ol' days when ROb worked as the Easter Bunny :P

This booth is one of my favorites at night. They sell lanterns, and at night they are all lit up with candles. There is one big one that spins.

Almost every night, a crowd of glowing stick people would wander around.

Wait! Is that a mosquito?? No, it's just Rob in a glowing bug mask :)Rob bought this mask during the Fair. I bought a different mask, but didn't have a chance to take a picture.

He wore it during a sweep one night, along with this glamorous outfit :)

This is the sweep line. We participated in three sweeps this year. They are fun, but take a long time some nights.

July 4, 2011

I bought a six-pack of Hornsby's Cider today. I love that stuff :) Anyway this bottle was in the pack. The cap is all wonky. It was no surprise to open it and find that the cider was flat and undrinkable :( I will have to write a complaint letter to Hornsby's, I think. Other than that, our 4th of July was great. We set off some fireworks (sorry no pics) and packed for our trip to Country Fair.

July 3, 2011: 2 Baby Green Herons!

July 2, 2011

We walked down to the river today and saw a heron.

Then Rob tried to take a picture of a spider web that was glowing with rainbow colors when the sun hit it.

July 1, 2011

A weird strawberry that grew on our plant. I think a banana might have slipped in with the strawberries.

Rob gets artsy with his "sky veins."

Today we racked the beer we are brewing, but first we had to sanitize the carboy.

We got some pictures of one of the baby green herons.