December 28, 2012: Christmas Gifts!

We went for a walk downtown today and saw this weird little thing by a power station.  We still can't tell if it is a plant or part of a broom :)
Then we bought our Christmas gifts to each other: new road bikes!!!  Bike N' Hike gave us a great discount and were super helpful.  We also had a really great experience at Peak Sports when we shopped there earlier this week.  They gave us great information and were very helpful.

December 27, 2012: The Hobbit

We went to see The Hobbit.  It was awesome.

December 26, 2012

Trying out some new hairclips I got from my sister.

December 25, 2012: Merry Christmas

We have a Christmas miracle:  an extra long pretzel.
Merry Christmas everyone!

December 24, 2012: New Coasters

We bought these new coasters when in Eugene on Saturday.

December 23, 2012: Psychotic Paper Boy

Thank you, Rosewood Lane, for giving us a movie with a psychotic paper boy.

December 22, 2012: Cowl

I finished a cowl and gave it as a gift.

December 21, 2012: The Vault

On our walk to the Vault, we heard singing and bells coming through the fog.  It was a lit-up horse-drawn carriage filled with people singing carols.  
Then we had dinner and drinks at the Vault with friends.

And the world didn't end :)

December 20, 2012: Stereo Remote

The stereo remote has been missing for a long time.  I searched every nook and cranny of the living room, but could not find it.  Rob found it today, under a side table by the window.

December 19, 2012: Playful Kitty

Our old cat has suddenly become very playful.

December 18, 2012: 2 Hour Delay

Today we woke up to the news that school was delayed 2 hours.  The crazy thing?  There was no snow on the ground.  Two hours later when we woke up to go to work, this is what we saw :)

December 17, 2012: Chocolates!

December 16, 2012: Oh Christmas Tree?

We decorated out tree. Our potted plant tree.
One Christmas ball.  One handmade nut ornament.
One tiny string of tinsel.

December 15, 2012: Nosh Tour

Italian flag pasta at Clemenza's
Dessert at Sweet Red
Fried Ravioli at Pizza King
And we got to see inside a couple of private homes, including this one.

December 14, 2012: Socks

We both got some Packer socks from Rob's parents for Christmas.  They are comfy.

December 13, 2012: Ear Drops

Kia's ears keep getting infected.  Turns out it may be an allergy.  More drops.  Yay!!

December 12, 2012: Laundry Day

Kia loves laundry day!
She likes to lick the basket.

December 11, 2012: Rain (Again)

December 10, 2012: Plastic Head

December 9, 2012: Kia Pulls a Marilyn

Look at the cold little kitty and her shaved belly.  She loves that heating vent.

December 8, 2012: Rob Tries to Open Some Wine

Rob tried to use this old wine-opener to open a bottle of wine tonight.
It didn't work so well.  Instead it pushed the cork down into the wine and splashed Rob  :-D
Luckily we found our real wine opener and got the bottle open safely.

December 7, 2012: Kia Gets a Sweater

I crocheted a sweater for Kia because she has been cold recently.

Let's just say she was not happy about it.

December 6, 2012: Roasted Cauliflower

Need I say more?

December 5, 2012: Worry Doll

I made worry dolls with one of my classes.  This is my sample.  Isn't she stylish?

December 4, 2012: Lisa Emerges from the Basement

Looking hot as usual :)

December 3, 2012: Snuggly Kitty

December 2, 2012: Craft Fair

Rob made me an amazing grilled sandwich before I left.  Since I don't eat cheese, he put hummus and Tofurky on the inside of the sandwich and he used garlic butter on the outside.  Yum!
 I went to the craft fair with a friend.  Rob sent me with a list of scavenger hunt items to find. I only found one of them: a wooden snowman.
Fun day:)

December 1, 2012: Rain

November 30, 2012: Borderlands 2

Our new video game obsession:  Borderlands 2


November 27, 2012: Cuties

I love this time of year: Cuties season.  I can't resist these little guys.


November 26, 2012: Kia Likes the Heat

November is a busy month, and this year our daily photos got a little splotchy.  We will get back to taking pictures every day from now on :)

November 25, 2012: We Paint our Kitchen Cabinets

We painted our kitchen cabinets a pale blue color.
The spice shelf on the opposite wall also got a coat of pale blue.
But the inside of the cabinets got a splash of bright, primary colors.