Day 240: Balloons!!

Today was the first day of the Northwest Art and Air Festival. Every morning of the festival starts with a hot air balloon launch. There were so many balloons in the air; it was beautiful!

What would Jesus do?
I think he would go ballooning :)
This balloon came down so low that the people in it yelled "Good morning" to me :)
After Rob left for work, I went driving around the area. I saw all the balloon chase crews and even saw some of the balloons landing in fields. It was really cool :)

Day 239: The Drive Home From Work

The mound.

A giant dust devil

Day 238: Craigslist Deals

New Wii Game. Boy, is it fun!

Welcome to the 21st Century, Lisa........
and happy early birthday :)

Day 237


The Hoff!!
I love 'America's Got Talent'

Day 236

Rob made a windchime out of silverware.

We are counting calories again

Day 235: Garden

Day 234: Marilyn and Roger's

Marilyn's garden is so beautiful.


Trumpet vine

Yellow flower, related to the primrose

Marilyn and Roger

and us :)

Day 233

What a cutie :)
Rob took a beautiful picture of a deer.

Lisa forgot her picture. She should have taken a picture of the folding table she got for free from Craigslist. It is big and heavy. Use your imagination :)

Day 232: Rob and Lisa Get Crafty!

Rob made record bowls.

Lisa made some hacky sacks

Day 231: New Used Car :)

Day 230

Praying Mantis

The contents of the Kia Rio's glove compartment and trunk fit in my purse. I cleaned it out today. Goodbye my sweet little car. We will miss you.

Day 229

Bugs buzzing around the streetlight at night

Lisa has heartburn :(

Day 228: Craigslist is fun!

Rob's first online game
He loves it!

Craft scissors, lots of 'em.

Day 227


Homeless wasps congregating on our fence

Melissa and Aaron came to visit :)

Day 226: Outside

A lone sunflower by the side of the road

Wasps made their nest in our weird birdhouse, so Rob dressed up in a lot of protective gear(assorted winter clothes, wish I had taken a picture) and knocked the birdhouse off the fence. It missed the bucket of water (oops) and somehow Rob's sandal got left behind.

Day 225

We like to buy our wine by the case :)

Our slicers should be ready soon :)

Day 224: Gluttony

Mmmmm brownies!!!

The calzone seems to have puked all its toppings.

Day 223

Windmill mirror

Lisa is trying to make a four-pack holder into storage for her colored pencils.


Day 222: Camping at Canal Creek

Our campgrounds
Imagine taking the 'c's from the name of this campground :)

On the way home, we saw a hill with a mohawk :(

Day 221: More Travels

Salmon Falls

These guys were jumping off the rocks

There goes one......splash!!

The view from above


As we drove, we saw smoke from a grass field burning

From the summit of Mary's Peak, it looked like the apocalypse

Apparently it was field burning day :)

Apocalyptic Lisa

Vultures in the trees