March 21-30, 2013: Spring Break 2013!! Wooooo!!

Rob and I went to Portland on Thursday night and stayed at the Red Lion since our flight was early on Friday morning.

While we were waiting to board our flight, emergency vehicles showed up and the emergency personnel boarded our gate.  It scared us wondering what had happened, but it turns out they just used our gate to access the terminal.
We flew to Florida to visit my parents' new condo!
Outside the condo there was a small creek which was visited by flocks of wading birds every day.

There were cute little lizards too.
I love palm trees.
The beaches were covered with shells.

We visited the Everglades for a day and met this nice guy.
We also met this nasty guy :)
We took an airboat ride through the mangroves.

A pelican tried to hitch a ride.

Apparently raccoons live in the mangroves.  The airboat captains stopped to give the little guys a drink and some snacks.  It was crazy to see them all run out of the trees when they heard the boats coming.

At the alligator exhibit we held a baby alligator.
Then on the way back to the condo we saw some real gators in the wild, right on the side of the road.


  1. Fun photos! Gators. . .eek! Sweatshirts?! I didn't know you went to Florida!

    1. Thanks. We had a couple of cooler days, so we needed the sweatshirts, but overall the weather was great.