January 19: Kinect!!!

Since I first heard about the Kinect, I have wanted to buy it for Rob. He said he didn't want it for Christmas, so I got him something else and planned to buy it as a birthday surprise. Usually I spill the beans on my surprise gifts, but this time I was really keeping the secret well. Then I get an email at work, from Rob, saying that I should check our home email account. I go to AOL and enter my username and password, all the while wondering what Rob has found this time on Craigslist. Well, he didn't find something on Craigslist this time; he had ordered a Kinect on Amazon. Another birthday surprise ruined :( Oh well, the Kinect is really fun, and I am sure I will come up with another equally amazing birthday gift by February 1.

Here is the game that came with the Kinect. It is actually a lot of fun!

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