January 21: Two of Lisa's Favorite Things

A short while ago, I discovered these vitamins, and I love them. I usually have a hard time with vitamins. I hate the flavor or they don't sit well in my stomach, but these vitamins are awesome. When the bottle ran out, I couldn't remember where I had bought them. Rob was sure that I had found them at Market of Choice. Not only is Market of Choice my favorite grocery store, but they just opened one close by, so I jumped at the chance to go there (I'm a little crazy about this grocery store. Let's just say, if I could marry a store, this would be it.). I searched the multivitamin shelves and could not find the vitamins. Over the next few weeks, I serached every store I could think of and never found the vitamins. I was beginning to think they had been discontinued. Rob kept saying, "You bought them at Market of Choice. You must not have looked in the right place, etc. etc." I, being the know-it-all that I am, insisted that Market of Coice does not sell these vitamins; I looked in the right place; blah, blah, blah. Well, tonight we went to Market of Choice. Sigh. It's such a beautiful grocery store. We looked at the multivitamins, and mine were not there, but Rob did not give up. He kept looking at different vitamin shelves, and there, alongside the other energy vitamins, sat my favorite supplement. I grabbed a bottle, paid for it, and tried to laugh through all the "I told you so"s on the ride home.
Another great thing Rob did this week is buy me more Barry's tea. I had planned to stock up when I was in Ireland over Christmas, but that trip didn't exactly work out. I ran out of tea this week, and Rob had already ordered me more. Three boxes arrived today, and I immediately made a nice, hot cup of Barry's. Yum!

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