May 27, 2011: A walk to the Vault

While walking to Vault 244, my new bracelet went missing. Bye Bye first anniversary gift. It must have broken while I was walking and fallen off my wrist. :( I was very sad. Rob left the restaurant and retraced our steps, but he could not find it. On the way home, we retraced our steps exactly and still did not find it. It's gone.

At the Vault, we had a light dinner. Rob had the pesto mac and cheese, which was the initial inspiration for our walk. He ordered it without the bacon and loved it. I had the spring gazpacho. It was amazng!! Then for dessert, we had the chocolate coconut dome. This is the most unbelievbly tasty dessert. Love it!! I'm actually amazed that it sat untouched long enough to have its picture taken :)

And of course, no visit to the Vaut would be complete with a cocktail. This is the prickly pear mojito. Yum!! But every cocktail I have ever tried there has been awesome.

We also had some beer and a lot of fun.

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