June 15, 2011: Demolition Day 2 and a Walk

First thing today, we started demolishing our bathroom. We tore down the wall at the top of the tub.
We took down the make-shift wall at the base of the tub, and we have decided that we don't want to replace it if we don't have to :) So much more light gets in without it.

After the destruction, we went for a walk to think about what to do with the plaster wall. We saw a train through the trees.

This old building by the river is pretty neat. Look at that little door and tiny balcony up at the top.

Rob's artistic barbed wire shot :)

And a closer look at that train. We actually walked under the bridge that it was travelling on. That was scary.

We saw a heart-shaped cloud...

...and tried to take a heart within a heart picture, but the cloud started to dissipate :(

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