June 1, 2011: Moody Blues

We had pretty good seats, nice and close to the stage. The weather looked bad though, and we had a bag with us filled with rain gear, an umbrella, winter hats, scarves and gloves :)

Rob was happy even though the weather was not perfect. He has wanted to see the Moody Blues for a really long time. Finally, there we were. Our neighbor and her sister were sitting to one side of us, and a student teacher Rob had worked with was sitting on the other side (the old guy is not one of those people by the way, although he was also a teacher!). Small world :)

The Moody Blues. They played a lot of great familiar songs. The keyboarder in the background on the far right was a little too happy and enthusiastic at times.

The flute player was awesome.

And here are a few videos. The sound quality is awful, but you get the idea. They sounded a lot better than my camera portrays.

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