June 14, 2011: A Bike Ride and the Summer Projects Begin

We went on a bike ride in the cool, cloudy morning and saw a bunch of vultures around. We saw them on top of poles.

We did catch sight of a dead skunk nearby. I guess that's what they were so interested in.

They flew around us as we biked by.

One even played chicken with Rob. It sat in the middle of the road until Rob was just a couple feet away, then it took off into the air.

When we got home, we started working on our upstairs bathroom. It needs some love. The faucet has been leaking, and the shower surround has some patches on it from a previous owner. Unsure of what to expect, Rob started pulling down the tub surround.

Underneath we found this disaster.

At the base of the tub, we found some water damage.

At the top of the tub, we also found some water damage.

And along the edge we found an old, crumbling(probably because of water damage) plaster wall.

We have a lot of work to do :)

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