June 16, 2011: Demolition Day 3

We were very unsure about what to do with the cabinet at the base of the tub. One thing was for certain, we both hated the laminate on the cabinet and decided that we needed to at least remove that part. Once the laminate was removed, we found more water damage.... we had to remove the whole cabinet. Rob should probably be wearing gloves for this project, but he did ok without.

While he was picking up the pieces of our cabinet, Rob discovered this under the tub. It's a Sun Sponge: a sponge filled with SPF 2 tanning oil. How hilarious is that!!

And finally the cabinet was gone. Now we have a section of floor to tile where it used to sit.

Rob like taking pictures of the sky recently. It is very pretty and blue.

These pretty star flowers are on our Purple Smoke tree.

And this is growing in our wildflower patch. I'm not sure yet what it is. We will have to wait and see.

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