March 27, 2012: Leaving Las Vegas

Our visit to Vegas made us all think of the Capital from The Hunger Games.  The food, the glitz, the glamour, the style, the fashion....although we prefer the food choices in Oregon :)  We sat at the Las Vegas airport and said goodbye to the sun :(  We had a feeling we would not be seeing it again soon.  The flight was easy.  In fact, the flight was not full, so I got three seats to myself and could lie down and sleep (which was really good since I had come down with a fever the night before and was still feeling crummy).
 When we arrived home, we found a beautiful piece of art awaiting us on our back lawn.
 Two friends had stopped by with 2,000 forks and left us a surprise while we were gone. Pretty creative :)
 Kia quickly decided that we were never leaving the house again, and she staged a sit-in on our suitcase.

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