March 24, 2012: We arrive in Las Vegas!

We arrived at Portland Airport to find that our flight was delayed.  We had a whole extra hour to play with, which was great because I had forgotten to pack a lunch to eat and we were not arriving in Vegas until 5ish.  We decided to eat at one of the restaurants in the airport.  Unfortunately, the lighting was really bad for pictures; it created all kinds of shadows that weren't actually there.  We tried to improve the situation by looking up directly at the light.  

It started to look like we were talking to a divine light or something :)
When we arrived in Vegas, we checked in at the hotel, the Monte Carlo.  This was the view from our window on the 17th floor.  The room was nice, although we had some really noisy Spring Breaker neighbors who liked to wake us up at 4:30am.  I swear they never slept or left their room :)
 We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the hotel.  We had pizza!  This picture is kind of dark, but you may still be able to notice the wall of wine bottles in the background.
 Outside the restaurant, in the casino, there was a woman in very little clothing dancing on a bar.  We had a pretty good view of her from our table :)
 After the meal, we headed out to a show:  The Amazing Johnathon.  He has a Comedy Central Special that is available on Netflix streaming.  He was absolutely politically incorrect, but actually very funny :P It was a fun first night in Vegas!

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