March 22, 2012: More Snow!

When we woke up this morning, we were greeted by a very white world.  Hoping for another snow day, we got a two-hour delay instead.  Hey, an extra two hours of sleep isn't so bad.  When we woke up for the second time, Rob found out he actually did have a snow day, and my student day got changed to a non-student work day :)

We had a visitor in the night.  I think we always have visitors, the neighbor cats love our porch, but the snow left evidence.  Little pawprints leading all the way up the path and porch steps.
Yep, definitely a cat.
That would be me in the black car.  Rob really enjoyed standing on the porch, taking pictures of me driving away in the snow.
 The drive actually wasn't that bad.  The main roads were completely clear of all snow.
The snow looked really neat on the outdoor steps.

 Our neighbor's lilac tree lost a limb, which brought down a phone wire that was attached to our house.  Luckily we don't have a landline; no harm done.
 Our snowy front yard.
 After I left work, Rob and I walked around the neighborhood.  We saw a magnolia blooming in the snow.
 A lot of the cherry trees in the neighborhood had lost limbs, big flowery limbs.
This weather has been crazy, even for Oregon :)  I hope it gets better soon.

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