October 6, 2011: Erasure

We went to see Erasure in Seattle!! At the Moore Theater. It was amazing! Andy Bell has an incredible voice. Vince Clark was sparkly :) And the back-up singers were great. Unfortunately, the venue's website was adamant about cameras not being allowed, so the crummy videos you are about to watch were recorded on my phone. For those of you who regularly visit this blog and have seen previous crummy concert videos, stop giggling. These videos actually are worse than the others!

In this first clip, you can see Andy Bell's legs and a lady who sat near us and danced through the whole concert. Later we saw her circling the block, as if trying to ambush Erasure as they left the venue :) She seriously walked around that block for hours!

In this clip, you can see Vince Clark to the right of the video behind his gargoyle of musical genius. In the middle you can see Andy Bell's legs again, dancing this time. This is an amazing feat considering he has recently had both hips replaced. My hero <3

Here you can see Andy Bell talking to the crowd, but you cannot hear him, because the crowd is so crazy. The crowd at this show was awesome. They sang along to every song. There were times when Andy could have stopped singing, and the show would have gone on as planned :)

This last video shows Erasure performing a song from their new album. Vince Clark is playing the guitar, while Andy and the back-up girls are singing.

We stayed at the Moore Hotel, which was right next to the theater. After the show, we went to the nearby Whisky Bar. I had a hot toddy, closest I could come to a hot whiskey. Yum!
From the Whisky Bar, we watched the Erasure tour bus and the lady who walked around the block over and over. No Erasure sightings :(

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