May 9-11, 2014: What a Weekend!

This weekend, Rob and I decided to celebrate our upcoming anniversary with a little vacation.  First we went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Joan Miró exhibit.  We couldn't take any pictures of the Miró exhibit but we did see lots of other fun art, like this giant rat.

We tried hiding out in one of the Africa exhibits. 
 We also saw this really beautiful carved Italian room.
We had dinner and cocktails at Wild Ginger.
 On Sunday night we went to see George Clinton and the Parliament Funkedelic.
That's George in the grey suit in the middle.
 Very talented guitarists.
 It was an amazing show.
 At times, it seemed like there were 20 people on the stage at one time :)
"There ain't no party like a P-funk party, 'cuz a P-funk party don't stop!"