January 20, 2012: Flood Day!

Today there was no school because of the flooding. Rob and I decided to go for a walk in the rain to check out all the water. This was the view from under my umbrella. Go Pack!!
We walked to Monteith Park in downtown Albany. Usually through these trees you will see a branch of the river and then Bryant Park. However, as you can see, Bryant Park is completely under water. That's really not too unusual for this time of year. It floods easily.
Monteith Park, on the other hand, does not usually flood. The photographer in this picture is crouched where the path ends in the water. Usually that path does not lead to the water. You can also see the ramp that leads to the outdoor stage is partly under water. There was even a group of ducks swimming up part of the ramp. Normally that ramp is nowhere near the water line.
The canal near our house also had high water.
Our house was fine.

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