March 6, 2011

It was a beautiful day. Rob planted some garlic. We had already planted a bunch in the fall, and it seems to be doing really well. This week, someone at Rob's work was getting rid of extra planting garlic, and he brought it home to be planted in our yard. You can never have enough garlic!

We looked at all the pretty flowers that are starting to bloom in our yard.

We walked to the post office to mail a package and had to take pictures of the cool PO boxes.

We found a blanket that I had knit. It was tied around a stop sign. We returned it to its rightful owners, and you can read the whole story here.
We looked at more pretty flowers in our yard.
Rob decided to shave off his goatee. He decided against the handlebar mustache.
I decided against the regular mustache. No way!
This look is kind of fun, but I don't think it will really catch on.
And finally, here he is with his newly naked face.

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